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How to order tobacco products online?

Very simple, as you can see below:

Visit our online cigarette shop CheapCigarettes.store where you can choose the product you want and click on the brand you are interested in.

You will access the selected brand page where you will find the price and the description of the product.

Choose the brand you would like to buy. Then click on it. You will be automatically redirected to your shopping cart.

If you want to choose more than one brand of cigarettes click on "Back to shopping" button and choose another favored product on the main page.

After your shopping is finished click on "Go to secure Checkout".

Introduce all the required information and click "Click the purchase". From that moment your card information is checked and you will soon receive a confirmation on order status via e-mail.

Can the products be ordered by fax?

Unfortunately, no. But this method will be available soon.

Can the products be ordered by phone?

Sadly, no! You can place your orders using online form only.

What is the maximum number of cartons?

It depends on two factors:

on you country law;

if it is your first order in our online your limit is 6 cartons of cigarettes.

How can I check my order status?

After you choose your tobacco product at CheapCigarettes.store you will be automatically informed about your order status via email. You are allowed to introduce changes on the ordered cigarettes within 24 hours. Please inform our support center via email about your changes and provide the number of your order.

Are the offered cigarettes produced in the United States?

The cigarettes offered at CheapCigarettes.store are manufactured in Europe and comply with all European standards.

When the cigarettes will be delivered if I confirm my order on CheapCigarettes.store?

The order ships in period of 10-31 days. It depends on your location. But CheapCigarettes.store will work on reducing the time of delivery up to 10 days. Your comfort and pleasure are our priorities.

Where do you deliver cigarettes?

We deliver cigarettes only to USA.

What should I do if I have ordered 12 cartons but only 10 were delivered?

All ordered products are delivered to customs check the same day. The problem can take place at the post or customs because they do not manage to process all the orders within a working day and this can cause order delivery delay. Please wait for the balance of your order, it will come soon.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

You can make purchases from CheapCigarettes.store using a Western Union and MoneyGram.

Are the orders anonymous?

Information on orders and customers is completely confidential.

What guarantees does CheapCigarettes.store provide?

If the ordered product was damaged, stolen or the parcel was lost, we guarantee full refunding or resending of the product to you. It is a 100% guarantee, you are not running any risk. The consumer should contact us at support@cheapcigarettes.store and provide order number and detailed description of the problem. Please don't charge your money back through credit card companies.

Do you have client support center?

Yes, you can contact it at support@cheapcigarettes.store. You can ask questions, but be sure to introduce your order number. You will get all the answers from the support center shortly.

What should I do if my account was charged and my order status is "Unpaid" or "Declined" on your site?

Just contact our support center at support@cheapcigarettes.store where your information will be checked and soon you'll get a message on the ordered products.

Do you have auto-delivery option?

Unfortunately, no.

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